Indian poet Ravi Sharma married to Shakila Zafar

Shakila Zafar, 53, has tied the tie with Ravi Sharma, an Indian poet. The Shakila Zafar got married in a small ceremony in Dhaka concentrated by close relatives and friends.

Shakila said, “I’ve well-known Ravi for a long time. I found out that he is a generous person. In addition to that, he’s an outstanding poet. I was not dedicated to anyone and our reciprocated understanding is astonishing. I guess that led us to talk about the idea of getting snagged. All and sundry in my family is very attached to Ravi.” (Source: Ittefaq)

Ravi Sharma is currently working for Comza Informage Pvt Ltd, cloudchowk and Hunger Inc. He is associated with charity work as well.

Shakila was wedded once before to Zafar, an engineer. Her only son Mufrad Zafar concluded his education from Australia and is now working in an advertising company. Shakila, previously known as Shakila Zafar proclaimed that she did not want the name ‘Zafar’ latched to her any longer.

Rakibul Hasan

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