Extend tooth life by bio-active glass fillings

Bio-active glass can be used in tooth fillings to decrease the capability of bacteria to assault compound tooth fillings, and maybe even give some of the mineral deposits needed to put back those lost to tooth decompose, engineers from Oregon State University said.

“Bio-active glass, which is a type of crushed glass that is able to interact with the body, has been used in some types of bone healing for decades,” said lead researcher professor Jamie Kruzic. (Source: Prothom-alo)

“This type of glass is only beginning to see use in dentistry, and our research shows it may be very promising for tooth fillings,” he said. (Source: Prothom-alo)

Bio-active glass is made with mixes such as silicon oxide, calcium oxide and phosphorus oxide, and looks like powdered glass.

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It’s called “bio-active” because the body notices it is there and can respond to it, as different to other bio-medical products that are still.

Bio-active glass is very stiff and rigid, and it can put back some of the inert glass fillers that are currently mixed with polymers to make modern composite tooth fillings.


Fillings made with bio-active glass should slow secondary tooth decompose, and also provide some minerals that could help replace those being lost.

The mixture of these two forces should result in a tooth filling that works just as well, but lasts longer.

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